Blue shed in beautiful backyard
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The Backyard Shed Trend That's Popping Up All Over
The backyard shed is no longer being used as just a simple storage building for lawnmowers and tools. The trend now is to turn it into a modern, multipurpose accessory to the home.
Homeowners want sleek sheds that complement their homes and outdoor spaces with minimalist, industrial aesthetics; clean lines; large windows; and sliding French glass doors.
Since modern sheds may be used as a gym, guest bedroom, or office space, they often have electricity and Wi-Fi. Many feature smart technology to control lighting or climate.
Most of the striking modern sheds seen online are custom-designed. These may have interesting features, such as a green roof, but are more expensive, ranging from $90,000-$200,000.
Higher-end prefab shed kits can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $100,000 or more. For example, Colorado-based company Studio Shed sells a DIY kit that starts at $100 a square foot.