An aphid resting on a leaf
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The Baking Staple That Will Banish Aphids From Your Garden
All-purpose flour, an everyday baking staple, can be harnessed as a potent and eco-friendly deterrent against aphids in your garden. Its application is simple and straightforward.
To start, fill a fine-mesh sieve or a sifter with all-purpose flour and shake it over the affected plants, ensuring both the upper and lower surfaces of leaves
are covered.
Avoid using self-rising flour or flour with added ingredients. Also, regularly monitor your garden and repeat the process as necessary until the aphid population is under control.
The flour forms a powdery coating on the plants that blocks the aphids' feeding and breathing mechanisms, resulting in their eventual demise.
Despite its efficacy, flour alone may not completely eliminate larger infestations. Hence, it's advised to use this method alongside other pest management strategies.