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The Bathroom Staple That Can Rid Your Houseplants Of Fungus Gnats
Hydrogen peroxide is a bathroom staple that performs a dual role when introduced to the soil — targeting and decimating gnat larvae while also aerating the soil with oxygen.
When added to plants, hydrogen peroxide breaks down and releases oxygen, fighting off fungus gnat larvae that thrive in the damp, low-oxygen environments of overwatered plant soil.
First, prepare a hydrogen peroxide solution with one part of 3% concentration of hydrogen peroxide mixed with four parts water. Then, generously pour the solution onto the soil.
It penetrates the soil and kills the fungus gnat larvae on contact. As you pour, you'll notice a fizzing sound as the hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen.
If you still see adult gnats, prepare another batch of the solution to finish them off. This time, mix three parts of water with one part of 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle.
Mist the plant's leaves to deter adult gnats and create an inhospitable environment for any potential offspring. Repeat the treatment until the plant's completely free of gnats.