Man sanding wood with sandpaper
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The Bathroom Staple TikTok Brilliantly Reuses For Woodworking DIYs
Sanding and polishing the nooks and crannies of wood projects can take some effort. When using a regular sander won’t work, one TikTok user suggested using nail files instead.
User @pagesofemma shared this simple woodworking tip as an alternative to folding sandpaper into squares or strips that become ineffective over time and are hard on your fingers.
Nail files are sturdy yet flexible, and their thin size allows them to navigate tight spaces and curves. They come in many shapes and grit sizes, from very coarse to very fine.
While nail files are convenient and harmless to use, buying a few in different grits for a single project isn’t ideal. Consider buying them in bulk, which is more cost-effective.
However, compared to other products like sanding twigs or sanding sticks that are sold in bulk and contain different grits, nail files may only include one or two grit levels.