gardener treats roses in the garden with a garden sprayer from insect pests. High quality photo
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The Bathroom Staple You Should Start Using In
Your Garden
A secret weapon for pest control has been sitting on your bathroom counter this whole time — mouthwash. This remedy can boost your garden's vitality and act as a pest deterrent.
Listerine contains ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, thymol, menthol, and eucalyptol. The antibacterial agents help
to combat plant diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.
Ethanol can disrupt the
life cycles of many pests, discouraging them from settling on your precious plants, while menthol and eucalyptol have strong scents that can repel insects.
To use mouthwash as a fungicide, mix one part mouthwash with three parts water, then spray it on your plants. For a pest solution, mix a 1:1 ratio and spray on targeted plants.
While using mouthwash
in your garden can yield surprising benefits, be sure to use a sugar-free mouthwash and test it on a small area of the plant first.