Mole crawling out of hole
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The Beautiful Flower That'll Send Moles Running From Your Yard
Moles can create holes in your yard and even damage plants. To naturally deter pests like moles, plant flowers with a strong scent, like marigolds.
The pungent aroma of marigolds does not appeal to moles, which means they're less likely to move in their direction as they seek out a new food source.
With their limited vision, moles also cannot smell any food sources in the area due to the flower's powerful scent that can mask other odors.
Marigolds are also indigestible for moles and their root systems release natural compounds that help the plants themselves but are harmful to pests, further deterring moles.
If you have flowering vegetables and fruits in your garden, plant marigolds along entrance areas and in lines between plants to create a border with a strong, wafting scent.
Two species in particular have the most impactful scents that keep moles away: Mexican marigold with smaller heads, and the larger, more orange-colored French marigold.
If you already have a mole problem, marigolds alone may not be enough. Try using a live trap system to relocate them outside the yard or call a professional to remove them.