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The Beautiful Flower You'll Regret Planting In Your Garden
With lovely bell-shaped blooms and long stems, the creeping bellflower is undeniably attractive, but it's an incredibly invasive plant that you should never grow in your garden.
Creeping bellflower is native to Europe and Western Siberia, and is considered an invasive species in North America. It's incredibly hard to remove from a growing area.
You can easily recognize creeping bellflower from its purple flowers, which are arranged in a line on one side of the stem and have five pointed petals with thin, yellow stamens.
No matter how carefully you grow it, creeping bellflower refuses to be contained and can overtake entire yards and neighborhoods. Just one plant can drop up to 15,000 seeds.
If you love the look of creeping bellflower, plant similar-looking harebells, ladybells, American bellflowers, or native bluebells. These won't overtake your garden or others'.