Close up of blooming lavender
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The Beautiful Flower You'll Wish You
Grew Near Your Lavender Sooner
Lavender has long been favored for its lovely scent and purple blooms. Planting it next to pink flowering sea thrift will fill your garden with a gorgeous mix of year-round color.
Both plants require full to part sun, minimal watering, and loamy, well-draining soil. Since they take time to mature, it’s better to buy them as young plants rather than seeds.
As lavender is the taller of the two plants, you can grow it behind the sea thrift. Although their classic purples and pinks pair gorgeously well, both plants also come in white.
Opting for all-white varieties of both plants makes for a stunning waterwise garden. For a rosier vibe, you can plant pink varieties of lavender alongside original sea thrift.