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The Benefit Of Adding Black Pepper
To Your
Garden Soil
According to a study published in Parasites & Vectors, black pepper works as a natural larvicide against insecticide-resistant bugs.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the spice is also useful in keeping mammalian pests, such as squirrels and groundhogs, away from your plants.
Black pepper has antibacterial properties that help reduce the spread of disease from plant to plant, without the negative impacts of chemical pesticides.
Black pepper contains piperine, an alkaloid that kills insects. Piperine acts as an antibacterial agent and gives pepper its distinctive flavor.
Since nosy animals are repelled by the spice’s strong smell and harsh flavor, your home-grown vegetables will be spared as the critters go in search of something with less bite.
To combat and repel insects that live closer to the root, like ants, simply sprinkle black pepper into your soil.
To help protect leaves from critters, use a spray bottle to give them a protective coat of powdered black pepper (or black pepper oil) and warm water.