Cracked eggshells stacked together
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The Benefit Of Adding Eggshells Into Your Tomato Garden
When utilized properly, eggshells added to any mulch can increase the growth and health of your tomato garden, as they are biodegradable and rich in calcium.
The calcium carbonate crystals that make up eggshells provide a natural source of calcium, which is important for rich soil and robust, healthy plant cell walls.
While eggshells cannot entirely prevent end rot,
when combined with
a consistent and adequate level of moisture, they can help to protect your tomatoes from end rot.
All you have to do is save the shells, sit them out to dry, crush them up, and then mix in finely crushed eggshells to your mulch. This will turn your makeshift mulch into a fertilizer.
It's better to add eggshells to your garden as soon as possible since it takes quite a bit of time for the pieces to break down enough to release calcium.
For the most efficient decomposition, crush your eggshells as finely as possible. The smaller the pieces, the quicker the calcium release.