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The Benefit Of Adding Epsom Salt To Your Load Of Laundry
Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, is a versatile and affordable household staple with properties that can enhance your laundry experience in a simple and eco-friendly manner.
Not only does Epsom salt eliminate odors and brightens whites, it also makes for a great fabric softener that leaves garments feeling luxurious while being gentle on skin.
When using Epsom salt in your washer, keep it pure and unscented, without fragrances or dyes, and prepare your machine as usual for a regular laundry load.
After sorting your clothes and adding the appropriate amount of detergent, let the Epsom salt dissolve in water before adding it to the detergent dispenser.
Use ½ a cup for regular sized loads, but feel free to adjust this based on personal preference or load size. Then, run the wash cycle as usual, and let the salt work its magic.