Painting a strip of green paint on a wall with a paintbrush
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The Benefit Of Drilling A Hole In Your Paintbrush
Painting can be exhausting, so tricks that make it easier are worth trying. Some social media users suggest drilling a hole into the base of your brush right next to the handle.
You then hot glue a squeeze bottle cap over the hole and screw on the bottle full of paint, creating a refillable vessel that provides a steady paint flow while you brush.
This trick eliminates the need for constantly dipping your brush into the paint. It also covers surfaces more efficiently because the brush won't run out of color as quickly.
Once you’re done, unscrew the bottle and rinse it or refill it with the same color. If you have leftover paint still in your bottle, use a spare cap to keep it fresh.
The brush is easy to clean by running water through the hole with the cap, and you can make even several of these brushes so that you always have one to choose from.