Ornamental container, vegetable garden in terracotta pots. Mirabell tomato plant, Poupila pepper plant, lemon eucalyptus, bay leaf and sweet pepper plant in pot.
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The Benefit Of Filling Your Flower Pots With Empty Plastic Water Bottles
Large planters filled with soil can be extremely heavy and difficult to move around. Plastic water bottles can provide the displacement you need to keep their
heft to a minimum.
Make sure the bottles are empty and screw the cap back on the bottle before placing it in the bottom of your container. This keeps soil and water from entering the bottle.
Use enough bottles to give your pot some weight relief without taking up too much space, then add potting soil to cover them all up.
If your plant is root-bound, loosen the edges of the root ball a bit before placing it in the pot. Add more potting media around the plant and on top to completely cover the roots.
Empty plastic water bottles are lightweight, so they make the perfect filler, as they take up space that would normally be filled with heavier soil. Plus, you save on soil.