Paint tray with roller, paintbrush, and paints
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The Benefit Of Leaving Leftover Paint In Your Tray
Paint trays are designed to hold paint and prevent messes during a paint job, but rolling out a brush or roller onto a tray can be frustrating because of how light the trays are.
That is why professional painter Mac Wentz allows the excess paint on his tray to dry instead of cleaning or lining it, which will ensure that the tray stays steady while he works.
"Just pour any excess paint back into the can and let the paint in the tray dry completely before using it again," he advised. Wentz does this to increase the weight of the tray.
Wentz’s tip makes the tray sturdier and less likely to tip over. "I have paint trays with a 1/8-inch-thick paint buildup in them. I like them better than clean trays," Wentz said.