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The Benefit Of Using Chapstick Instead Of Painter's Tape
If you don’t have painter’s tape, just apply chapstick along the edges of surfaces before painting. This way, you can easily wipe off any excess paint afterward.
Bits of paint can easily squeeze underneath pieces of painter’s tape and may be a pain to scrape off in the aftermath. Using chapstick eliminates these problems.
Unlike painter’s tape, which acts as a temporary barrier, chapstick is applied with the intention of making mistakes that will need to be cleaned after the paint job is complete.
Apply chapstick over the surfaces you would normally cover with painter's tape, like window sills, casing, and hinges. It will catch any excess paint drips or smudges.
After painting, go over the chapstick-applied areas with a dry paper towel or rag to wipe up any remnants of paint with little effort. If any residue remains, use a glass cleaner.
Painter's tape works best with straight edges, while the chapstick method is most useful when working with complex designs that have curved edges or intricate patterns.
However, with chapstick, there's always the possibility of misjudging your mess-ups before starting, which could lead to having to scrape the dried paint off with no assistance.
Overall, using chapstick is a worthy alternative if you’re running short on time, but using multiple paint removal techniques in tandem may offer the best results.