Small sticks of cinnamon bark.  Shallow dof.
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The Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon To Your Garden
Cinnamon isn't just a star in the kitchen — the spice can do wonders in nurturing your garden, making it flourish in ways you might not have imagined.
Sprinkling a small amount of cinnamon in your garden can discourage ants and other insects from crossing the line, thus protecting your plants from pest-related damage.
Cinnamon also shows promise as a rooting aid, an essential aspect of plant propagation. When cut, plants are susceptible to various fungal and bacterial infections.
Dusting these cuttings with cinnamon can be a protective barrier, thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. Some gardeners even dip the cut end in cinnamon before planting.
One prominent use of cinnamon as a fungicide prevents the "damping off" disease, a common fungal affliction that attacks
young seedlings.
Cinnamon can also serve as an excellent aid for treating plant wounds. It can be gently applied to the affected area in the event of accidental cuts or wounds on your plants.