Interior Decor shot of Tiny House on a trailer, featuring a small space kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.
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The Benefits Of Buying A Pre-Fab Tiny House (And Where To Buy One)
Tiny homes can be ordered in kits and built after delivery, unless you choose to skip the headache of building your own house and order a prefabricated home instead.
Depending on size and amenities, tiny homes can range from $8,000 to more than $100,000. Prefabricated constructions cost more than kits, but are more customized to your lifestyle.
When evaluating the extra cost of a prefab tiny home, it’s wise to consider how much time you have to move into your smaller space, as kits require more time, labor, and planning.
It's estimated that DIYers can take more than two months to build a kit from start to finish, which doesn't include additional factors such as landscaping or utility hookups.
Prefabricated homes can be delivered within a few weeks and lived in shortly after, and you eliminate the worry of making crucial mistakes during the building stage.
If you map out the extra costs of buying a kit, you'll likely find that a prefab home isn't the price hike it seems to be. And it's hard to put a price on peace of mind.
For those who want a home ready upon delivery, Escape Traveler stands out due to building fully electrical units and offering warranties, along with customizable options.
Or, if you want to buy or rent a tiny home from a current owner rather than buy one from a company outright, Tiny House Listings likely has what you need.