Large hydrangea shrub growing in sunny summer garden covered with large pink flowers
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The Benefits Of Growing Gardenias Next To Your Hydrangeas
While hydrangeas are certainly eye-catching enough on their own, they can make even more of a statement in your garden when planted next to gardenias.
Unlike hydrangea, known for its fluffy, large blooms, gardenia has relatively small flowers. This juxtaposition in size and shape looks very polished side by side.
The dark green leaves of gardenias help break up some of the colors when planted next to hydrangeas, which keeps the overall landscape from looking busy.
Despite their differences in the size of their leaves and floral displays, the two share the same soil preferences, needing fertile, well-draining soil that stays moist.
Your hydrangea and gardenia plants will also both thrive in more acidic soil. Note that this will likely cause your hydrangea to grow blue flowers.