A walk-in shower with glass walls and a linear shower drain
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The Benefits Of Installing A Linear Drain In Your Shower
There’s more to a linear shower drain than just the look. While many are installed as a statement piece, their elongated design lends itself to better drainage.
The additional surface area allows hair, dirt, and other shower debris to easily pass through rather than accumulate on top. Many designs also come with their own debris trap.
Because the drain system under your shower isn’t made to move, it’s important to know the location of your waste pipe and other plumbing before replacing your drain.
It is crucial if you are moving from a center drain to one closer to the wall. Fortunately, a linear drain is flexible, allowing a unique path to the existing pipe to be made.
While any type of shower can benefit from the optimal drainage provided by a linear drain, this design is especially popular and practical for walk-in showers.
To really optimize drainage, you could install two linear drains in a single shower. They can be installed on the same side, on opposite walls, or perpendicular to one another.