White vinegar in a wooden bowl and spoon
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The Benefits Of Leaving A Cup Of Vinegar On Your Kitchen Countertops
Eliminating lingering odors from your kitchen can often be challenging. To combat this issue more effectively, simply leave a cup of vinegar on your countertop.
With its power of acetic acid, vinegar naturally neutralizes any unfavorable odors, helping you cut down on your cleaning time, costs, and use of harsh chemicals.
Per Bon Appétit, white vinegar contains more acetic acid at around 10% compared to "regular" vinegar. For this reason, you may want to opt for white vinegar if you have the choice.
Heat the vinegar in a pan first, ensuring not to burn it, or alternatively, add about half an inch to a bowl or cup before placing it on your counter or other spots in the kitchen.
If the odor in the kitchen is too strong, consider using this method with several bowls to amplify the effect. Return at regular intervals to see if the lingering smells are gone.