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The Benefits Of Leaving Garlic In Your Toilet Overnight
No matter how diligent you are with cleaning, bathrooms can still develop lingering and unwelcome odors. With just a clove of garlic, you can say goodbye to these odors.
Drop a single garlic clove into the toilet bowl before bed. The garlic releases its natural aroma, which comes from allicin, known for its anti-bacterial and fungal properties.
Allicin neutralizes the odors, leaving your bathroom smelling much fresher by the morning and contributing to a more pleasant bathroom environment overall in an eco-friendly way.
To remove a toilet bowl's yellow stains using garlic, peel and crush or chop a few cloves, steep them in hot water for about fifteen minutes, and pour the garlic tea into the bowl.
The garlic's sulfur compounds, known for their antibacterial and cleansing abilities, will break down and lift the stains, and you won't even need harsh chemicals or scrubbing.