Pink hydrangea in vase
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The Benefits Of Planting Hostas And Hydrangeas Next To Each Other
Hostas and hydrangeas get along famously, in both their similarities and differences. They have the same environmental needs, and their different growth habits are complementary.
Companion plants like hostas and hydrangeas thrive in the same environment. These two plants are hardy in the same climate, and they both require consistently moist, fertile soil.
They do have different sunlight needs, but they complement each other: While most hydrangeas do well in full sun, their height provides the partial shade that hostas prefer.
This pair will bring striking contrasts to your garden, with the dark, deeply veined hydrangea leaves providing a beautiful backdrop for the hostas’ smooth teardrop shape.
Hostas and hydrangeas also vary greatly in height and width, so the complementary growth habits of tall/short, light/dark, and smooth/textured create a perfect landscaping mix.