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The Benefits Of Planting Sage Around Your Roses In The Garden
If you're dealing with an invasion of pests around your rose bushes, try neighboring them with sage plants, which bring a host of biological and aesthetic benefits to your garden.
The scent of sage can be described as earthy and warm with a sweet edge. Most people find sage's aroma pleasant, but pests like beetles and cabbage moths hate the pungent scent.
Sage may even be effective against aphids, the most common pests on roses. Plus, it attracts natural predators, such as ladybugs, that will chase pests out of your garden.
In addition to protecting your roses, sage plants fill in visual space while enhancing the beauty of rose blooms, and their musky smell mingles well with the sweet scent of roses.
Like roses, sage plants prefer sunny and dry environments with well-draining soil. Some great types of sage to choose from include Caradonna, Tanzerin, Blue Hill, and Mainacht.
When planting sage and other companion plants near your roses, give them plenty of root space, at least a two-foot radius from smaller shrub roses.