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The Benefits Of Using Fiber Cement Boarding For Your Home
Fiber cement boarding is a good option for new construction and home improvement projects. It is made by mixing and layering cement, sand, wood fibers, and other materials.
It is very durable and resistant to common wear and tear, storm damage, and hot or wet climates, making it a great candidate for exterior siding.
It can withstand most hail and small debris generated by high winds and will hold up against salty, beachside air. Termites also won’t go after this material, either.
Fiber cement siding can be installed vertically or horizontally and can be used as trim and soffit panels. It can also be designed to look like wood, brick, or stucco.
However, fiber cement is much heavier than other siding options, meaning it will take more labor to install, thus increasing the price of using it for a home.
Since it’s heat and moisture-resistant, fiber cement boarding can be used for kitchens and bathrooms. Its strength lends itself to heavy wall décor and ceiling fans, too.