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The Best 3 Ways To
Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa
Nothing sounds better than a calming trip to the spa after a long day, but spa days are expensive. Luckily, transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience is a lot easier than it sounds, and with just a few cost-efficient hacks, you’ll never want to leave your bathroom.
Whether hanging or potted, incorporating plants into your bathroom is easy, and they create a natural, relaxing vibe. Plants are great for the air, and if you opt for real plants over fake, Alure recommends plants that survive well in humid environments like orchids, bamboo, or Chinese evergreens.
A spa-like environment should feel luxurious, but that doesn’t mean it should drain your bank account. A small change like replacing your showerhead with a luxurious model can make all the difference, and House Logic recommends a rain shower head.
Incorporating scents that are healing and therapeutic makes you one step closer to having a spa-like bathroom. You can buy an essential oil diffuser for aromatherapy, eucalyptus or lavender to decompress, or lavish soaps and bath salts if you want the true spa experience.