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The Best Basil Companion Plants That Will Thrive In Your Garden
Oregano and basil, when planted together, improve each other's pungent foliage for a more intense flavor. It also makes basil more effective at repelling harmful insects.
Asparagus and basil form a mutually beneficial relationship where asparagus attracts ladybugs, insects that feed on harmful aphids, and basil deters asparagus beetles.
Nasturtiums and basil can protect other species in the garden by attracting harmful insects away from them and drawing in beneficial aphid-eating pollinators.
Basil's scent repels harmful insects and attracts pollinators for tomatoes, while tomatoes aid in the growth and flavor of basil, making them a great companion plant pair.
5. Cabbage
Cabbage benefits from being grown alongside basil as the latter helps to protect the cabbage from common pests such as cabbage worms and aphids.