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The Best Bedding Color If You Have A Red Room
Red walls signify love, passion, and courage, so it’s important to highlight these feelings of intensity throughout the rest of your bedroom, starting with your bedding. There are nine colors that work well with red, but this is the absolute best bedding color to pick for a red bedroom.
Green and blue are opposite red and orange on the color wheel, which makes turquoise the perfect bedding color to pair with a red room. Red complements and accentuates the vividness of turquoise while turquoise tones down red’s harshness, resulting in an exciting but relaxing ambiance.
If turquoise is too bold, mint green is a more subtle bedding color that pairs stunningly with a deep red. Green and red might remind some of Christmas, but the brightness of red actually heightens the pastel hues in mint green while they cool down its fiery boldness.