Bedroom with pink floral curtains and purple chair
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The Best Bedroom Curtain Colors For A Unique, Relaxing Space
1. Soft Neutrals
Soft-toned neutral colors like beige, cream, and taupe can create a calming and serene atmosphere. Since a bedroom is a place for relaxation, it makes sense to incorporate them.
2. Deep Neutrals
If you have lighter walls in your bedroom, brown-hued curtains, from deep chocolate to coffee to all shades of tan, can create a stylish look without sacrificing the relaxing vibe.
3. Red
If you want to feel invigorated in the mornings, choose red curtains for your space. Red makes people feel excited, intense, and upbeat, which is a perfect way to wake up.
4. Black
Black curtains are great for a bedroom because there is typically an opaque layer to block light. They also help add flair to a beige and gray room without overwhelming it.
5. White
White curtains allow sunlight to filter through, making them perfect for waking up in a sunlit room. Moreover, white is a very versatile color that works with any style of decor.