Potted hydrangea flourishing amidst the garden greenery
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The Best Companion Plants For Your Garden's Hydrangeas
1. Azaleas
Azaleas pair well with hydrangeas due to their shared preference for shade and well-draining soil. However, azaleas like acidic soil, so ensure your hydrangea variety does too.
Azaleas bloom from early spring to early summer, while hydrangeas bloom from late spring through summer, ensuring your garden remains colorful for several months.
2. Camellias
Camellias are known for their red, pink, and white flowers and shiny green leaves. They thrive in partial shade and acidic, well-draining soil, just like hydrangeas.
Camellias typically flower from October or November to April or May. For a garden that blooms throughout the year, consider planting camellias alongside your hydrangeas.
3. Lamb's Ear
Lamb's ear is a ground cover plant known for its greenish-silvery leaves and velvety feel. It produces small purple flowers in the summer.
This low-maintenance plant thrives in partial sun and makes a good companion for hydrangeas. However, avoid wetting its leaves during watering to prevent rot.
4. Daylilies
Daylilies are not actual lilies, but get their name from their tropical, lily-like appearance. Their vibrant orange flowers contrast well with pink or blue hydrangeas.
Daylilies easily grow in a variety of soil types and in partial shade, though they'll grow fewer flowers, so they'll pair perfectly with hydrangeas.
5. Hostas
Hostas are perennial plants celebrated for their variegated leaves featuring green edges and white centers. They prefer acidic soil and shade, much like hydrangeas.
They can grow up to 48 inches tall, making them great border plants. However, hostas are deer magnets, so consider taking protective measures if deer are prevalent in your area.