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The Best Companion Plants To Grow Next To Your Peppers
1. Peppers
Other types of peppers, including bell, ornamental, peperoncini, cayenne, and Thai peppers, make ideal companions for pepper plants due to their
shared Capsicum genus.
2. Onion
Onions serve as a protective companion for pepper plants, repelling harmful pests such as green peach aphids, slugs, and cabbage worms that can hurt pepper plants.
3. Carrots
Carrots and peppers form a mutually beneficial relationship where carrots provide shade for the peppers' roots, and peppers offer sun protection for the carrot tops.
4. Subterranean Clover
Subterranean clover acts as a living mulch for peppers, keeping their roots cool and suppressing weed growth while also fixing nitrogen in the soil.
5. Cilantro
Due to its bold scent, cilantro repels most insects except for beneficial bugs like butterflies. Growing it alongside peppers, onions, and tomatoes can yield more fruit.