Organic eggplant vegetable in the field.
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The Best Companion Plants To Help Your Eggplant Thrive
Catnip has pungent leaves that ward off pests that would eat your eggplants. It shares the need for direct sunlight and well-draining soil, so the two can grow together.
Eggplants provide shade that spinach enjoys, and the eggplants can benefit from the mulch-like effect that the dense spinach plants with shallow roots offer.
French Tarragon
Planted nearby eggplants, French tarragon is thought to enhance the flavor of the purple produce, and it will scare away pests that are repulsed by its scent.
Eggplant benefits from Marigolds’ spicy scent, which repels pests from your garden. Eggplants are particularly susceptible to nematodes, which marigold helps to repel.
Potato plants are in the nightshade family with eggplants, so they have
very similar growing requirements and grow quite well together as a result.