A kitchen with granite countertops.
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The Best Countertop Edge Option To Suit Your Rustic Kitchen
An often overlooked aspect of kitchen design is the type of edges on your countertop. Smooth sharp edges can create a more modern look, while natural grooves steer towards rustic.
Moraine edge, chiseled edge, broken edge, and rock face are the different terms used for describing custom edge designs. This can be for stone or wooden countertops.
Ruddy granite or richly veined marble with rugged edges can be great for rustic kitchens. An uneven edge keeps the marble informal or as though it was made in a previous century.
Since they are uneven, custom edges can chip and crack more easily and are more difficult to clean. Parts of the edges can also be sharper, making them more dangerous for children.
Despite the cons, custom edges can be a great choice for kitchen islands. They can also make a statement even in small spaces for a bit of drama and natural rustic charm.