Dark gray door on tan brick house
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The Best Front Door Paint Colors To Complement Exterior Brick
Deep Blue/Charcoal
If you have a dark red brick home, use navy or charcoal blue to match the deep red tones while remaining neutral. Plus, the versatile color will suit any home.
For bright red brick exteriors, use a cool-toned gray to balance out the brightness and allow the color to pop, or go with a warmer-toned variation for a more cozy vibe.
Black Or Bright
White bricks’ neutral canvas is the perfect backdrop for a sleek, minimalist, and modern black-and-white design or a personality-filled pop of your favorite color.
Natural Brown/Olive
Bold black brick favors woody brown or trendy deep green tones to create a cohesive overall look while complementing the stark contrast of the dark exterior.
Bright Undertones
Undercut the industrial vibe of a gray brick home by using colors such as violet or gold that have bright purple or green undertones to create warmth and vibrancy.