This close up of the kitchen sink has stone counters.
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The Best Granite Countertop Colors To Make Your Kitchen Pop
White or off-white granite countertops look great in traditional and modern-style rooms as they keep cabinets looking sleek and add a pop of brightness to a darker-themed kitchen.
One of the most popular white granite colors is Alaska White, which is a pale white color with cream and taupe veining and is in the mid-range for affordability.
Beige granite is ideal if you want countertops that aren't as flashy in color as white, and it goes well with mid to dark-toned cabinetry, such as cherry and walnut-colored wood.
Two popular beige granite slabs are Colonial Gold, which has a creamy gray base with brown and gray veining, and Sunset Canyon, which has a more neutral base color.
Black granite comes in two types of finishes — honed, which is matte, or polished, which is reflective. Black granite suits contemporary, traditional, and
transitional designs.
Negresco has reigned as the top black option for years, favored for its opaque shade and specks of white. Black Galaxy is also popular due to its space-like imagery.
Golden-toned granite is striking but cohesive with rustic, traditional, and transitional kitchen designs, and it looks especially radiant with bold decorative accents.
New Venetian is popular due to its gold and yellow undertones and brown veins. Caravelas Gold is also loved for its gold undertone mixed with swirls of browns, grays, and yellows.
Brown granite is complementary to many cabinet colors, making them easy to pair as countertops and flooring, and it works best in classic kitchen designs.
Imperial Coffee is mottled with light and dark brown fossils with tiny white specks. Baltic Brown is also popular, as it has a more vibrant tone with flecks of green.