White dress hanging out on a clothesline to dry. Blue background. Summer time.
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The Best Hang Dry Method to Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle Free
Hang drying is an eco-friendly alternative to using a dryer, and with the proper hanging technique, it can help prevent wrinkles in your clothes.
To prevent wrinkles, pin tops, shirts, full skirts, and gathered skirts upside down from the bottom hem. Pin straight skirts, trousers, and shorts by the waistband.
When drying dresses or soft clothing, put them on a hanger and place it on the clothesline or rack. Ensure there is space between items so they aren't bunched up.
Shake out each item after washing to prevent fabric stiffness and wrinkles. For sensitive fabrics, lay them flat on your drying rack to avoid wrinkles, sagging, or loss of shape.
After drying, fold or hang clothes immediately to avoid wrinkles. While it should give you wrinkle-free clothes, occasionally, you may still need to iron, steam, or blow dry them.