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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Color, Per The Stars Of Unsellable Houses
The right kitchen cabinet color can greatly improve your kitchen, and HGTV "Unsellable House" stars Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie David recommend Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241.
The sisters fell in love with the dreamy periwinkle blue with undertones of gray and tan, and it pairs well with marble countertops and brass fixtures to
evoke "regal elegance."
Sherwin Williams describes their color as, "Like a darkening sky at dusk, this cool denim blue settles on your space like calm personified. Bring a chill vibe to your bedroom."
Cool blues have become an increasingly popular color choice for kitchen cabinets, and it’s the second most chosen color for cabinets after white.
Blues create an air of relaxation, and Sherwin Williams Aleutian SW 6241 evokes serenity and reflects light to make your kitchen look larger.