Blue jay perched on bird feeder enjoying a peanut
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The Best Method For Attracting Blue Jays To Your Yard
To attract blue jays to your yard, start by installing a bird feeder they can perch on. They can’t resist sturdy bird feeders filled with their favorite foods.
Platform feeders work well, whether they’re suspended, on the ground, or mounted to a pole. You can fill them with their favorite treats like peanuts, corn, and sunflower seeds.
Provide blue jays with fresh drinking water by installing a birdbath. They prefer baths that aren’t too deep, around 3 inches, and a bubbler or dripper can add even more appeal.
To attract them to your birdbath year-round, continue providing access to water in the winter. Consider using a heated birdbath to keep the water from freezing.
Nearby deciduous and coniferous trees will give the jays a place to live. Trees that produce nuts or shrubs with berries can act as shelter and an additional food source.
Leaving grass clippings and twigs near your bird feeders and bath will give the blue jays materials to build their nest, encouraging them to stay nearby.