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The Best Method For Cleaning A Coffee Machine Without Vinegar
While vinegar helps clean and descale a coffee machine, it can be hard to rinse off and may leave your next few cups tasting a bit funny. To avoid this, use lemon juice instead.
Lemon juice is acidic and works similarly to white vinegar but leaves a fresh smell behind. It cleans and descales the machine while ensuring flavorful coffee after every cleaning.
Mix 1 cup of lemon juice with 1 cup of water — or simply take a bottle of 100% lemon juice concentrate. Then, pour the mixture directly into the coffee machine's reservoir.
Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes to break down any residue in your water tank. Then, place a filter in the basket and start the brew cycle as if you were making a cup of coffee.
The mixture will get to work breaking down mineral and calcium deposits. Once the hot mixture has cycled through, use a sponge or bottle brush to scrub the inside of the carafe.
Repeat this process until your machine is as clean as you would like. Ideally, you should repeat this process every month, but descaling every two to three months may be enough.