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The Best Method For Cleaning Your Landscaping Rocks
Landscaping rocks can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden. However, they can eventually accumulate dirt, moss, or mildew, causing them to lose their luster and appeal.
Begin by removing the rocks from the ground and placing them in a bucket, then rinsing them with water. Clean everywhere, including the sides and underneath.
Then soak the rocks in a mild dish soap and warm water mixture for a couple of minutes, stirring them around. Drain the dirty water and scrub each rock.
Soak rocks in vinegar and water if they have stubborn stains. Once you've scrubbed all the rocks, rinse them in a bucket of clean water and
dry naturally in the sun.
The drying process can help kill any remaining moss or mildew. Once they're dry, return the landscaping rocks to their original location in your garden.