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The Best Method For Fixing Sunken Pavers In
Your Patio
To fix the sunken pavers in your patio, start by gathering essential tools like a hammer, rubber mallet, flat head screwdriver, stiff putty knife, thin pry bar, shovel,
and trowel.
You'll also need materials like paver sand, pea gravel, a level, and a 2x4 piece of wood, and consider using knee pads for comfort. Begin by carefully removing the uneven pavers.
Insert a screwdriver or pry bar into the gap next to the affected paver. Use a hammer or mallet to gently wedge the tool in the gap so that you can pry the paver out of the layout.
Remove a few inches of soil from the affected area. Introduce a layer of pea gravel for drainage and support, ensuring it's compacted and almost level with the adjacent hardscape.
Then, add paver sand over the gravel in small increments. Spread it evenly using the 2x4 or a level, making sure the bottom aligns with the base of surrounding pavers.
If you notice any gaps or holes, fill them with sand. If you spot excess sand, remove it with a trowel, and once everything is level, place the pavers back
into position.
For a finishing touch, pour additional sand over the entire layout and use a push broom to spread it, ensuring it fills the gaps between
the pavers.