Lush green cucumbers thriving in a greenhouse
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The Best Method For Harvesting Your Garden's Cucumbers
When harvesting cucumbers from your garden, it is best to start picking them early in the morning while there is still dew on the plants.
Wear gloves and use a sharp knife or clippers to make the cuts, but
do not twist the stems when harvesting, as it can damage the plant.
If you are unsure about the ripeness of the cucumbers, you can taste the ends near the stems. If they are not bitter, it is the right
time to harvest.
When cutting cucumbers, leave about a 1-inch stem attached to the fruits to ensure they stay fresh, especially if you will not be using them immediately.
Handle the cucumbers
with care, especially if they belong to a variety that is prone to bruising, and place them gently in a basket
or container.
Harvesting several cucumbers per plant each day encourages more growth, and removing any damaged or weak fruit helps the plant focus its energy on producing healthy cucumbers.