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The Best Method For Keeping Webworms Out Of Your Garden
Although not harmful to people, webworms can cause some unsightly damage to your trees. To remove them, you can simply break open their nest with a large stick and twist it.
You can also use neem oil, which works like an organic insecticide; however, you need to be careful, as it can also kill other insects that may be helpful to your ecosystem.
For a less dramatic option, use a regular household item: vegetable oil. Fill up a spray bottle with the oil and apply it onto the nest, letting the oil seep into the fortress.
You can also create a mixture of soapy water with 1 gallon of water and 3 tablespoons of dish soap. Fill it up in a spray bottle and apply it onto the webworm nest.
For long-term prevention, attract beneficial predators like birds and ladybugs that snack on webworms by adding bird feeders, baths, and insect-friendly plants in your garden.
Finally, look out for egg-laden leaves at the start of the spring or fall season. Plucking and disposing of these can keep future generations of webworms from even getting a start.