Stains and discoloration on wall
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The Best Method For Painting Over Water Damage Stains
For many homeowners, water damage is not an issue that can be quickly painted over. Repainting will fail to cover up any discolored areas if you don't use the right primer first.
Before starting, look for the source of the leak, whether it's pipework in the walls or an outdoor source. Hire the right expert to fix the issue and make sure it's not ongoing.
Inspect any affected material for water damage. Replace any wet batt insulation, which is unlikely to dry, and drywall exposed to pathogen-carrying blackwater or greywater.
Next, choose a primer designed to block tough stains, such as an oil-based primer that can block tannin, which stains surfaces when a wooden component like a stud gets soaked.
Once an area is primed, go ahead and paint over it. Make sure to paint over the entire wall or ceiling affected by the water damage to give the new finish a uniform look.
If the stains are very faint and you have some leftover oil-based paint, apply several coats in lieu of using primer. However, don't use emulsion paint without a primer coat first.