Orange plumeria flowers
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The Best Method For Planting Your Plumeria Tree
When planted in the ground, plumeria plants can grow into large trees, but they can also thrive on a porch or patio when grown in planters as long as the conditions are right.
One of the advantages of growing plumeria, also known as frangipani, in containers is that if the sun becomes too intense or there’s too much rain, you can move and protect them.
Plumeria can flower in many colors, including white with yellow centers (the most common), pink, yellow, and orange. This means they look great as a patio or balcony decoration.
In addition, you can grow potted plumeria trees in cooler areas, where ground planting wouldn't be suitable, by bringing the plant inside for fall until the weather warms up again.
You can also use a plumeria tree in a mixed pot of plants. Many plants do well with plumerias, including succulents, flax, cordylines, elephant ears, and crown of thorns.