Salvia plants in bloom
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The Best Method For Pruning Salvia For Stunning Summer Blooms
If you have one or more of the vast number of salvia varieties in your garden, selectively pruning parts at a time encourages it to produce its big colorful blooms all summer long.
When to prune depends on your region, but YouTube channel Hooked and Rooted found the best time to prune for continuous blooming is when the bloom stalks are just over half spent.
The flowers lower on the stalks will have stopped blooming, but those higher up will still be bright and colorful. Choose any part and cut back the blooms on about half the plant.
With pruning shears, remove the flower stalks and cut back to the foliage. In a few weeks, that part will flower again, just in time for you to trim the other half of your salvia.
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