Dill growing in garden
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The Best Method For Pruning Your Garden's Dill
Growing your favorite herbs can save you dollars meal-to-meal, especially when you properly prune them. Pruning dill the right way will yield you the best harvests possible.
Unlike harvesting for your personal use, pruning is done for the plant’s health. For dill, find stems with at least two leaf sets and cut just above the bottom set.
Prune dill two months after germination when your plant is a few inches tall with multiple sets of thin, feathery leaves. Trim your dill before it starts to bolt and flower.
Allowing herbs like dill to flower is a big mistake that causes the plant to redirect its energy to the budding flowers, leading to a smaller harvest and less flavorful leaves.
Shade dill from the hot afternoon sun and keep its soil moist to decrease the chances of bolting. Leave some of the yellow flowers intact to drop seeds that will grow new plants.
Prune longer stalks to use in bouquets by cutting it nearly to the ground. You can prune the dill as often as needed but not further down than two-thirds of its original size.