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The Best Method For Washing A Comforter When It’s Too Big For Your Washer
If you’re looking to wash your comforter at home, and don’t have a large-capacity washing machine, washing it in your bathtub might be the perfect solution.
Fill your bathtub with warm water, add a small amount of mild detergent suitable for the fabric type, and dunk the comforter fully in the water, mixing it in.
Allow the comforter to soak for five minutes so the dirt loosens up and any stubborn stains dissolve before draining the tub
of soapy water.
Refill the tub with clean water in order to rinse the comforter, and continue rinsing away the detergent until the water runs clear.
After washing,
dry the comforter thoroughly to prevent mildew or odors. If it fits in your dryer, put it on a low heat setting, or you can air dry it on a clothesline or rack.