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The Best Non-Toxic Ways To Defeat Pesky Spurge Weed For Good
Low-growing spurge weed infests lawns and sidewalk cracks. Given its stubborn root system, non-toxic alternatives to chemical herbicides are crucial for effective eradication.
Non-toxic solutions are eco-friendly alternatives to traditional herbicides. Timing and proper application are key for long-term success without resorting to
harmful chemicals.
Pulling spurge weed by hand is challenging due to its fragile roots, but doing so after rain will help to minimize breakage. Pour boiling water on any remaining roots to kill them.
Sunday Weed Warrior is a well regarded insecticidal soap-based product ideal for sidewalk cracks. Straight vinegar and horticultural vinegar are also effective for removing roots.
Green Gobbler, a 20% vinegar-based weed killer, and Eco-Garden Pro Organic Vinegar Weed Killer offer less toxic options. Use cautiously on lawns due to their non-selective nature.
Espoma Organic Weed Preventer, a corn-based product, is safe for use around kids and pets and serves a dual purpose: It nourishes your lawn and prevents weed seed germination.