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The Best Paint Color If You're Seeking Vitality
You want to choose a paint color that brings warmth and happiness to your home, so when it comes to a hue that represents vitality, orange is the way to go. Orange is warm, welcoming, and bright, so it’s the perfect color to boost your room’s energy and vitality.
Orange has always been associated with passion, spirit, and energy which brings warm, cheerful vibes to your home. Using this color to create a vitality-infused space will ensure that anyone who enters feels elevated, and you can paint an entire room orange or just have an accent wall instead.
Lighter tones like cantaloupe are lovely choices for a bedroom, kitchen, or entryway as the orange tone will make guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Pair orange tones and shades with beige, white, and cream colors to create a calm, soothing space that radiates vitality.