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The Best Pantry Organization Tips, According To Martha Stewart
Freezer Paper Liners
Martha Stewart says that shelf liners are a “must have” to keep pantry shelves clean and protected. You can even use freezer paper to create DIY liners.
Measure the dimensions of your shelf, then cut some freezer paper to cover the surfaces. After cleaning the shelves, lay the paper down and restock your shelves.
Group Like Items
Stewart always says that "Life is too complicated to not be orderly," and to keep her pantry neat and organized, she grounds similar items together.
Remove the items from your pantry and sort them into categories like dry goods, canned goods, spices, etc. Store smaller items in the front, and use trays to
keep items together.
Grouping Systems
Stewart suggests grouping items in a way that fits the way you eat and cook. Ideas include grouping spices by the cuisine they're used in, or organizing hot sauces by heat level.
Use Available Space
A pantry can quickly become messy and disorganized if you constantly have to reach or dig to find items. So Stewart recommends using “every inch of space available to you.”
A pantry can be great storage for a majority of your items, but extraneous goods and non-food items can be stored in cabinets, under the kitchen island, or on open shelving.
Remove Packaging
One of Martha Stewart’s most popular strategies involves taking items out of their store-bought containers and placing them in more compact glass or plastic containers.
Not only does this help free up space, a cohesive set of containers can make your pantry more aesthetically pleasing, and sealed containers can help keep items fresher for longer.